Southwest 411, part II

I have a bit more wealth to share with you about preparedness in choosing to fly Southwest Airlines.

While they are still my favorite airline to fly, I found myself in a situation where I was not pleased with their organization, or simply, lack thereof.

I arrived to the check-in, prior to security, just under an hour before my flight was to depart and was unable to acquire a boarding pass.  Once through security (which takes a few minutes) and at my gate, I stood in line to get that said boarding pass.  Unfortunately, due to bad weather, a flight to NH was cancelled and they were making arrangements at ANY and ALL counters, which takes forever.  So my recommendation is that there should be a designated line for rescheduling, so other normal workings  (like me getting a board pass, which takes two minutes) can still happen.  I almost missed my flight, and had I stayed in line I would have.  I cut. :/

I think it’s great to give companies this kind of feedback, but keep in mind that it’s a large company, and while they may value it, I don’t see it changing right away.  So, of course, there’s a service you can purchase to ensure you’re checked in.  To have to pay for someone else’s disorganization is not something I’m not a fan of, but I took that chance, leaving from work with just enough time to make my flight, so… I can only complain so much.

So, if you aren’t sure you can get your boarding pass at the first counter, because of time constraints (they recommended 90 mins for BWI) then make sure you choose to pay for the early bird check-in option  ($10 one way).  At least until they change and organize themselves a bit better. 😉

While I’m giving all this information, here’s a bit more:

Get a Boarding Pass

Travel Services and Fees

Self-service Kiosk

And, most anything you want to look up, you can probably start your search here:

Customer Service


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