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s>o>w: Mount Moriah, Lament

I heard this band on NPR a little while ago and just fell in love.  It’s exactly what I had been looking to add to my potpourri-like music collection.  As Heather McEntire’s voice is eerily familiar to Dolly Parton’s, I had initially thought she’d taken up a new, more modern folk-like sound – I was wrong and pleasantly surprised.


[w.o.w.] brouhaha




1. excited public interest, discussion, or the like, as the clamor attending some sensational event; hullabaloo: The brouhaha followed disclosures of graft at City Hall.
2. an episode involving excitement, confusion, turmoil, etc., especially a broil over a minor or ridiculous cause: A brouhaha by the baseball players resulted in three black eyes.
1885–90; < French, orig. brou, ha, ha!  exclamation used by characters representing the devil in the 16th-cent. drama; perhaps < Hebrew, distortion of the recited phrase bārūkh habbā  ( beshēm ădhōnai ) “blessed is he who comes (in the name of the Lord)” (Ps. 118:26)
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: uproar
Synonyms: ado, fracas, melee, row, setto, to-do
Same friend came up with another sentence, however I had forgotten his being called “El Presidente” as a joke by some of his grad school friends…
El Presidente’s arrival at town square just as his loyal citizens were beginning their weeklong celebration of his birth, set off a festive brouhaha.
Haha – delusional much, friend?

Naptown photo shoot

I had a fun visit with my photographer friend, Jen, last month as we walked around downtown Annapolis around sunset, snapped some pictures and sipped some coffee.  Can you believe I’ve known her since 6th grade?!? 

Since my momma is so nice, I was able to borrow her fancy schmancy camera for the day and I had so much fun playing around with the settings.  That being the case, I’m not being humble when I say these aren’t the greatest – there are two I’m quite fond of, though – but nonetheless it was a lovely (and cold!) day.

(an entrance to the Naval Academy)

(in the backgroud in pic above to the left is the Bay Bridge!)

(the above picture is my favorite!)

(what you can see – he’s skateboarding with laundry bag.  what you can’t see – he’s also talking on the phone.  Talk about talent!  I have a hard enough time walking and talking on the phone…)

(my favorite coffee shop – be sure to check out the Jamaican tea!)

(Annapolis without boat shoes is like Rudolph without a red nose.)

(this cracked me up!  it’s a dessert “tunnel of love” with a chocolate river; creepy little monkey with heart included.)

(Go Navy!  Beat Army!) (also, sorry for the glare.)

I decided that while I was still in possession of said camera that I would snap a couple of pictures of my sweet, furry love, Oliver. I love how his orange has so much red in it!

s>o>w: Wye Oak, Civilian

this weeks song is from a local band out of Baltimore, MD, and provides you with interesting lyrics and a mesmerizing voice.

[w.o.w.] pachyderm






1. any of the thick-skinned, nonruminant ungulates, as the elephant, hippopotamus, and rhinoceros.
2. an elephant.
3. a person who is not sensitive to criticism, ridicule, etc.; a thick-skinned person.
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: nonruminant hoofed mammal
Synonyms: elephant, hippopotamus, mammoth, mastodon, rhinoceros
I asked a friend to come up with a sentence using this word of the week, and here goes:
John McCain is such an old Republican, you might as well just call him a pachyderm.
Well played, friend. Well played indeed.

I’mmm back

Someone’s been a little M.I.A. recently … my apologies!

As if two jobs and a busy school schedule weren’t enough, add in difficulty in getting quality sleep and a dash of severe pain, and you’ve got the recipe I’ve been dealing with.

On the brighter side of things – I’m loving school!

I’m also my very own guinea pig, haha.  That’s sort of going well…  I’m currently trying 5-HTP for my sleep issues, via Maria Emmerich’s two health books (her blog).

Other good news:

– In speaking with my boss (the accountant), I found I can write off my tuition if it’s relevant to my current licensure, so… I’ll be a holistic esthetician by the end of 2012.  Gotta love direction!

– More direction:  I’m hoping to host a few gatherings with the youth group girls from my church to discuss skin health, make-up colors, eyebrow shaping, and our inner beauty through Christ.  I have a feeling this will be one of the most rewarding ventures of my life.

– Also, my organization project is going very well.  Slow, but well.  This is such a huge relief.  My goal is to be caught up by the end of 2012.

– Season 2 of Downton Abbey had such a lovely ending last night.  Roomie Wright and I were both “aww”-ing (and probably cheering) by the end.  I also enter this sweepstakes almost daily to visit the castles.

– Lastly, I’m planning a semi-regular gathering with some sweet girl friends to watch Dickens’ “Little Dorrit” mini-series and to craft (maybe attempt low carb baking, too).

Even with some needed down time, I’m so pleased with how the last two months have gone.

Now it’s time to break out my reading glasses and get back into studying, but I’m sincerely so happy to be back up and posting.

Hope you all are well!

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