All better!

I’m happy to report that my sweet Oliver is all better – yay!

After he started moving around a bit on Friday, I decided to clean him up by giving him a bath that night.

holding him after his bath.

he looks like a big, soaked (adorable) rat.

as he wasn’t a fan of his bath, I think he’s plotting to kill me here.

Since he felt better enough to come out from under my bed Thursday night, I captured him and kept him in my bathroom.  If you saw this earlier post, then you already know that, though.

After I knew he was well, I let him out Saturday night to roam around my room.  Apparently what he missed most was sleeping on my his bed.

“I’m sorry about plotting to kill you; the water makes me unreasonable.  Will you let me out now, please?”

“Ahhh, I’ve missed my bed!”

so fresh and so clean, clean.

back to his old “pet me” self.

As he was feeling like his old self, he decided to give me hand by “helping” me make my bed.  It’s hard work being a wrinkle-chaser, so he had to rest a lot in-between changing sheets, but he does such a good job that I can’t complain.

Goodness, I love him!



About Heather.B

I'm a thirty-something (how did I get so old?!) esthetician (Jan 2009), soon-to-add holistic services (Jan 2013), and then onto business school with a few more endeavors in the works. Stayed tuned though as this changes often. I call it "what-to-be-when-I'm-a-grown-up ADD" - but here's a great quote of encouragement if you're similar in nature: “The experience of centering was one I particularly sought because I thought of myself as dispersed, interested in too many things. I envied people who were ‘single-minded,’ who had one powerful talent and who knew when they got up in the morning what it was they had to do. Whereas I, wherever I turned, felt the enchantment: to the window for the sweetness of the air; to the door for the passing figures; to the teapot, the typewriter, the knitting needles, the pets, the pottery, the newspaper, the telephone. Wherever I looked I could have lived. It took me half my life to come to believe I was okay even if I did love experience in a loose and undiscriminating way and did not know for sure the difference between good and bad. My struggles to accept my nature were the struggles of centering.” – [from Centering in Pottery, Poetry, and the Person by Mary Caroline Richards] I'm a lover of animals (especially my bird and cat), my niece and nephew (and #3 on HER way), and plants; an avid crochet-er (and other crafty things), amateur photographer, baker extraordinaire, dreamer of travels far away (camping and road trips settle me for now), searcher of different music, and beloved daughter of The King. Add in a penchant for being taught new things, and you've got a good idea of what you're dealing with here. I, also, have an endocrine disorder (PCOS) that causes me to have a low carb diet and an insatiable appetite for holistic health (along with a big butt) - I console myself with the reminder that there are worse things, like being eaten by an alligator. Lastly, I've found I get bored easily and procrastinate like it's my job. So who knows how steadily I'll contribute to this. Welcome! If you choose to read this, I've warned you fairly ;), and I really hope you enjoy the variety of my life. Please send me a note and let me know about you!

2 responses to “All better!”

  1. Mark says :

    Beautiful pictures of a very handsome cat! You captured that bath time malaise perfectly.

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