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Down on the Farm #2

Here are pictures from the weekend after her party.

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Down on the Farm #1

Here are pictures from the visit to my mom’s farm before Gracie’s birthday.

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Goal progress and Seedling update

moving all my craft stuff into my hope chest.

I’ve not mentioned much about my progress on the goals I listed because… well, there really hasn’t been much to mention. This weekend I should be able to get a great portion of my organization project done. What a weight will be lifted once this is accomplished! I got a jump start on it tonight. Here are some pics, and of course I managed to sneak in some pics of my seedlings (day 26 – almost a month old, eek!).

another BEFORE picture.
Also, two filled file boxes of yarn in my closet – I need to get organized so I can get back into crochet and use it up!

Where it was previously housed.
Finally cleaning out the bottom of the “Narnia Closet”

Available space

filled it up, with room for a few more things.

another AFTER picture.
hope to use up some of what’s in here and move on to new projects, finally…
sewing machine fit, too – score!

The only things that didn’t fit.
If I don’t finish the book page wreath project by June 1st, it’s staying in that trash bag and going out to the curb.
Found a use for the baskets.

Seedlings, pineapple and aloe plant.

I had used the top of the hope chest for my seedlings as of last week, and here’s a peak at how they’re coming along.  Getting big!!

Pineapple plant.
This Oct it will be 2 years from harvesting a pineapple, so another should be on its way *very* soon!

It’s getting so big!


What kind of esthetician would I be without the above plant?!?

Will be planting these babies this weekend.

Melons, Lettuce, Herbs, and a few flowers.
Planting this weekend.

I’m so loving this grow-your-own-food thing!

I think next year I’ll add cucumbers and tomatoes to my deck garden.  Apparently, they’re easier plants and what most people start growing.  Not melons. Oops!  I also have some squash seeds that I hope to start in my greenhouse soon, so I may have them for Fall.

Do you have any recommendations on what to add to my garden?


I’m often posting about my niece, Gracie, that you may be unaware I have a nephew, Mason.  He’s usually attached to my mom, while Gracie and I go out on adventures, so it makes sense I don’t often have much to share, but this past weekend I was able to hang with him for a little bit.  Here are some fun videos, that probably only my family will enjoy mind you, of a sweet little boy.

and this one has a ton of background noise – sorry!

Here snake-y, snake-y.

Again, I wish I could draw.  This would be much more amusing if I could turn it into a comic.  Here’s more character interaction.


Husband:  (while attempting to fix an overflowing toilet)  “Honey!  Honeeyyy!”

Wife:  “Yes, dear.  Hands full, uh?” chuckling to self

H:  “Go out back and grab the snake for me, please?  I don’t want to track water through the house.”

W(thinking – snake?!?) “Um, sure.  Just out back, uh?”

H:  “Yep!  Look in the shed, and please hurry.”

W(quickly arming herself for battle – rain boots, pot as hat, and broom in one hand and butterfly net in the other – outside murmuring to herself)

“How in the world is a snake going to help the plumbing??  Is there a mouse down the drain?!?  I know I said ’til death do us part….” pauses in mid-stride “I should check to see if he recently took out a large insurance policy under my name!”

focusing back on task – “Here snake-y, snake-y.” *clap clap* “HEREE snake-y, snake-y!” *clap clap*

whispering, “PLEASSEE don’t come.”

Back inside, “I clapped and everything, but no snake.  Oh well.”  voice goes up a few octaves  “And, how did you think I was supposed to catch him anyways, mister?!?  Wrangling would have been more like it!  And, have you made any recent calls to our insurance agent??”

H:  “What?!?  Hey calm down, I don’t know what you – Ohhhhh….. Hahahaha!”

W: “Hey, what’s so funny?!?”

H:  “Hahaha!”

W:  “Stop it! Besides, you’re practically peeing yourself next to a non-functioning toilet.  There’s just something wrong with this picture.”

Hstill laughing.  “I’m sorry.  The tool, honey.  It’s a tool!  The tool is called a snake.”

W:  “Ohhhh!  Ok, well good luck with that.”  shrugs shoulders and leaves  to call a plumber, while husband is left to do what husband does best; break things.


In my head I had imagined a more modern episode of “I Love Lucy”  and I love how that humor still lives on.


I had a great weekend, even with a sore back from a mysterious injury.  Got to go to dinner and a movie w/ an old friend Friday night, rested well on Saturday and stayed in (mostly) with my sweet cat and my seedlings, and then went over the bridge to visit my family and go to the park on Sunday.  Lovely times!

With so many pictures to post from two recent visits to the farm, etc. my goal this week is to just catch-up on those (so no “weekly” postings).

Hoping you all visited with people you love and had a great weekend, too!

the best way to kill zombies.

I frantically awoke early last night as I had (brilliantly) discovered – whilst dreaming, if you missed that – the best way to eliminate zombies.  Umm, probably my first problem, but I’ll get back to that.  So I would remember this ingenious plan of mine when I really woke up, I texted a friend who knows a thing-or-two about zombies, and then went back to sleep… completely forgetting my clever plan.

Enter this morning.  Check phone and… what did I send??

Here’s my text:

I think you should be able to kill zombies w/ procrastination.

It gets better…  Here’s the little I remembered about my plan (and my attempt at recovery from dreaming-n-texting):

It dealt with positive and negative time (as if there are such things, lol) and the way it worked out, negative time should kill them; something like that, haha!  I love dreams where I think I’ve solved non-existent problems. 🙂

And there folks, is what I had missed all along.  Zombies aren’t real.

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