NICU Update


Rylah’s blood test came back positive for an infection, so she has to stay in the NICU to complete her IV antibiotics; originally a 10 day cycle, now bumped down to 7 days.  With said test results, it’s standard to do a lumbar (spinal tap) puncture to rule out meningitis.  This sweet little feisty girl was not happy about said procedure and opted to express herself by pulling out both of her tubes (O2 & NG) – mind you, she’s been a saint with all the poking and prodding.   After monitoring her for a bit without tubes, they discovered that she was fine without them – yay!

That was all on Tuesday, and I was so excited to visit with her that evening while she slept on her tummy (still hooked up to other machines, which is the only way they’d allow this sleeping position).  Even though I had very little interaction with her, my heart soared to witness her contentedness in being able to fully rest.  I could see a little of her strong-willed personality from all of this and thought her sleeping position was her way of saying, “you’re not putting them back in me!”

[Also, had I been allowed to be in the NICU alone w/ her while my sister-in-law showered upstairs {as it was fine with her} I would have had my first babysitting gig with her at only 2 days old, but it’s against the rules for safety’s sake, and I really do appreciate that.]

My favorite thing was being able to touch her for the first time.  I could place my hand on her head or back and just hold it there.  I was even given permission to kiss her head.  Considering that I’ve been dying to hold her since she was born, this was such a sweet moment; one my sister-in-law generously documented for me.


My visit with her on Wednesday was very late, but I was informed that I’d be able to hold her and I wasn’t about to miss it.  I stayed until 12:30am for her last feeding {11:30pm} and was given the precious honor of not only holding her, but also of being the third person in her life to feed her via bottle.

She’s not yet able to keep an axillary temperature of 97.7F or above {she was at 97.3F last night} so they had to put her in an incubator to keep her from being chilly.  A minor set back, and something that was hardest on her mom, whereas before she had the freedom to pick her up as she chose.

Please continue to keep her in your prayers.  It looks like my brother will have the best Father’s Day gift he could ask for – as of now, she’ll be going home on Sunday – his whole family together snuggled safely at home.


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