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Independence Day 2012

I know I’m almost two months late, but I’m a busy girl so… here are a few snapshots from hanging with the fam while celebrating our country’s birth.

Corn-on-the-cob – a yummy treat!

look at those fingers a flyin’

Going Away cake for my aunt and uncle.

kayaks/canoes near the boathouse, on our way to the boat so we could view the fireworks from the water.

blurry from the boat, but it was a great show.


Baby Birdie is growing up

Here are a few recent pictures of Birdie.

I love how snuggly she is


Chickadee and Birdie smiling and snuggling – doesn’t get any better than this!

**The above pictures of the two girls was taken by my s-i-l and edited by moi.

And, she’s home!

The remainder of her journey from the NICU to home.


Today’s visit was very quick, as both parents were able to be with her {limit is 2 ppl/room} and as she was being moved to the NICU step-down unit following her 9:00pm feeding.  Her being able to move there is such a praise!!  Also, instead of sleeping in a recliner, her mom and/or dad now have a pull-out bed along with a bathroom attached to her room.

My brother, her dad, and I did manage to play “paparazzi” – my favorite made-up game.  I also got to hold her again {for said game}, and loved how alert she was during this visit.  It’s fascinating to watch her observe her surrounds with fresh eyes and ears.

this is her, I’m-a-hungry-baby-bird face

Also, I am now an experienced cabbage smuggler.  Something I’m sure will be a valuable asset to my résumé.

[Explaining the relation, reminds me of Gracie during a recent visit.  She’s starting to understand that my brother is her father, so this past visit, she introduced us as siblings – to my brother, “Aunt Header is your sister,” etc.  I’ve been waiting 31 years to be introduced to this dork. ;)]


Tonight was my first time visiting her in the NICU’s step-down unit, and it was lovely.  There is much more room, and it’s just nice to know she’s improving.  Technically only two people are allowed in there with her including parents, excluding hospital staff.  I was given a badge, and to my pleasant surprise, I got to hang out with my brother and my sister-in-law.  We goofed around, watched a crime show, and chatted a lot.  My brother held her the whole time I was there, and she was fast asleep, sweetly snuggled up against his chest.  I’d say there’s another daddy’s girl in the making!

As far as her health is concerned, her second set of blood culture came back negative.  This allows for a 7-day antibiotic cycle, instead of 10, and it also means, if she can maintain a temp of 97.7F for 24 hours, she can go home.  She’ll just need to be weaned out of the incubator; an anticipated problem.


I spent the majority of Saturday at my mom’s, playing with Gracie {and Mason}.  Gracie and I went to a barn to pick up hay, with my step-dad, and visited with a few horses, drove by lots of cows, witnessed the end of an 8 ft black snake’s tail slither away, and said “hello!” to a cat up high in the barn, sitting on several hay bales.

The remainder of the day with her is a blur, but I know we did lots of things.  When I upload my pictures, I’m sure I’ll remember and can share.  Old age! *sigh*

I came home after I gave her a bath, but before her bed time, which gave me time to get all the “farm dirt” off and get to bed a little early.  Instead of bed early, I stopped by the hospital, after a shower, and got to hold and feed little Annie-bananie.  In fact, I got to hold her for a really long time.  I think I got there around 10:30pm for her 11ish feeding, and got home at 1am; I was in heaven.  She is such a little snuggle bug and this was way better than getting in an early bedtime.

photo taken by s-i-l

She had also been out of incubator for most of the day and was keeping her temp at 97.7F {the minimum} so the hope of her going home on Father’s Day was looking like a good possibility.


It is a Happy Father’s Day for my brother as they released her and sent her home late that morning.  My sister-in-law posted a picture of Gracie helping my brother carry the baby out of the hospital room {below} – so sweet!!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

“Critter” Nickname

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of most nicknames.  Some are a little much for me, but the sentiment is always the same; love in the form of an often ridiculous adorable name.  I try not to go too overboard, like some of the names I was dubbed and will never share with the world, even if threatened with death.

Special names for the little people in my life:

* Gracie’s are either “Gracie-pie” or “chickadee”

i think i’m going to frame this. she’s the cutest!

* Mason’s are either “Mason-doo” or “doodlebug”

and then there’s Rylah (Ann)… and so I need to come up with an affectionate “critter” term for her, as I’m already attached to “Annie-bananie” for the “name” nickname.

Any “critter” suggestions, please?

I liked “cricket” but my brother (her dad) knew someone by that name and it’s now tainted, so that’s out.  I was thinking “buttercup” but that’s not a “critter”… so, the best I can come up with so far is “wiggleworm” as that’s what she looked like when she would move sleeping in this position, pictured above.


For fun, here’s a site with some interesting nicknames.



Down on the Farm #2

Here are pictures from the weekend after her party.

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Down on the Farm #1

Here are pictures from the visit to my mom’s farm before Gracie’s birthday.

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Lion King cake, Gracie’s 4th birthday

We celebrated Gracie’s 4th birthday this weekend, and one of my favorite things about these celebrations is having the honor of making her (and Mason’s) themed birthday cakes.  This year she choose Disney’s Lion King.  Below are picture of the cake-in-making, and some from her party.  She got a trampoline and I got to “pop” her like popcorn.  Good times!!

cake progress

tried something I saw on pinterest to keep the cake moist. not sure it worked; maybe should have looked it up and not simply read the caption.

Scraps from evening out the cake and saved for Pride Rock.

I felt like Bob Ross (sans fro) whilst decorating - "happy little tree" and all.


yep, my brother is a dork! 😉

Mom and Mason-Doo snuggling.

trampoline water and picture break. we had so much fun!


It was a lovely day with lovely weather!

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