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She’s here!

I’m happy to report that I am an aunt again for the third time.

Rylah Ann was born 6/10 at 4:09pm, 6 lbs 9 oz and 19 in.  She’s still in the NICU on O2 to help w/ breathing.  One more day and she would have been 37 weeks, but developmentally, the doctors say she’s at 36 weeks.

Her mommy and daddy had an interesting ride into the hospital.  Got stuck in stand-still traffic going over the Bay Bridge and had to pull over to a fire station and hitch a ride via ambulance.  Part of the way there, they briefly stopped to pick up a more experienced paramedic who was on his way to the station to start his shift; he left his vehicle in the grassy median of busy Rt. 50 and they were off.  God certainly did provide for them!

Please add her to you prayers, if you will, for a speedy and full recovery.

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Down on the Farm #2

Here are pictures from the weekend after her party.

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Down on the Farm #1

Here are pictures from the visit to my mom’s farm before Gracie’s birthday.

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I’m often posting about my niece, Gracie, that you may be unaware I have a nephew, Mason.  He’s usually attached to my mom, while Gracie and I go out on adventures, so it makes sense I don’t often have much to share, but this past weekend I was able to hang with him for a little bit.  Here are some fun videos, that probably only my family will enjoy mind you, of a sweet little boy.

and this one has a ton of background noise – sorry!

Lion King cake, Gracie’s 4th birthday

We celebrated Gracie’s 4th birthday this weekend, and one of my favorite things about these celebrations is having the honor of making her (and Mason’s) themed birthday cakes.  This year she choose Disney’s Lion King.  Below are picture of the cake-in-making, and some from her party.  She got a trampoline and I got to “pop” her like popcorn.  Good times!!

cake progress

tried something I saw on pinterest to keep the cake moist. not sure it worked; maybe should have looked it up and not simply read the caption.

Scraps from evening out the cake and saved for Pride Rock.

I felt like Bob Ross (sans fro) whilst decorating - "happy little tree" and all.


yep, my brother is a dork! 😉

Mom and Mason-Doo snuggling.

trampoline water and picture break. we had so much fun!


It was a lovely day with lovely weather!

s>o>w: Ben Folds, Gracie

This week’s song is in honor of my sweet niece’s birthday.  I was going to post “Poker Face” from Lady Gaga, as Gracie announced when she was two that it was her “favoritist” song – but the video is too weird.

So, here’s Ben Fold’s “Gracie”

This song fits so well with my brother (her dad) and she. Such a daddy’s girl!


My sweet niece, Gracie, is four today!  I can hardly believe so much time has passed.

(picture from sister-in-law)

Can’t wait to celebrate this weekend!

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