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A few of my favorite things, Feb.

I know this is about a half-a-month late, but here are some favorite things from last month.

The record soundtrack to Dicken’s Oliver in orange; gift from a friend.  I plan to frame it!

Look, two orange Olivers! 🙂

Stamp collecting with my niece.  People have been very generous to us in regards to our new collection!

Fun Spring-inspired nail polish to go along with the amazingly warm weather.

Two great finds from TJMaxx!

I’d been looking for a fun wooden frame for a postcard I picked up during vacation in Topsail Island last summer, and the other is a great, gentle towel to keep my hair’s waves and curls in check.

My World Beer Club mug from RamsHead!

The owl blanket my niece helped make me for Christmas.  Apparently I’m not the only one who enjoys it!


A few of my favorite things

I hope you’re singing from the “Sound of Music” with me!

work field trips into Baltimore

my elephant teapot from Target

cinnamon tea in said teapot (why and why I love cinnamon)

successful attempts at “fancy schmancy” recipes

sweet, happy lovies

(healthy lovies, too)

learning something new, thanks to Lazarus

steadfastly working on my resolutions, and getting organized

Monk reruns

breaking in my first piece of stoneware – a gift from my generous momma for Christmas

different shades of white in baking

new decor tools


And, my Word and Song of the Week postings!


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