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Red lips

Yesterday I decided to be someone else.  I decided not to be a licensed esthetician and instead, to quote No Doubt, “just a girl.”  I’ll explain…

Having recently run out of some make-up, and not caring too much until now as I’ll be in a wedding this weekend, I stopped by a local department store to try out some new make-up.  I just sat there while this nice girl talked about serums, and foundation, etc.  It was fun.  I said “neat!” and “wow!” when required of me (and because I meant it) while never giving away that I already knew this.  Maybe you’re thinking this is some sort of weird ego boost, to sit there thinking “haha, I already know this stuff!” but really, it was relaxing.  I need relaxing these days.  I just switched things off in my head and let myself get slightly pampered.

Bonus, I left with finally (after a bajillion years of looking) a lovely shade of red lipstick for me – having fair olive skin, it’s been quite a challenge.  Not sure if any of you out there can relate.


sorry, wiped - though, I love how it almost 
looks like I'm underwater.

Plus, having made it through the first four seasons of Mad Men hasn’t been helping my red lipstick “dilemma” as I’ve been wanting it more.  There are red lips all over the place!  And to think, when I thought of the 60’s before, it was always about hippies and peace.  I was missing out on so much style!

Well, that’s about it for now.  I have my dear, sweet friend’s wedding this weekend, as well as my nephew’s 2nd birthday party.  Fun stuff!

I’ve tried out a few more recipes to post, but I’ve been under the weather lately and am currently going through a gauntlet of tests courtesy of my good new naturopathic Dr.  So, I’ve been needing to rest a lot more (hence four seasons of Mad Men! lol).

I’ll post more soon, I hope.  Until then….

::Happy Searching::



Woodland tea creatures

“Combining art and the tea is a wonderful marriage, … It’s slightly educational, with a fun twist.” – Beverly Becker

A friend, who majored in ceramics and recently graduated, mentioned that some of her work was on display in the front window of a favorite local coffee spot.  Her description of the animals having tea cups, saucers, and the like for heads caught my attention.  I stopped by Sunday before heading to my mom’s and snapped a few pictures.

Well done, friend!

sorry for the reflection; poor shot on my part.

I see this display as owning a very earthy Mad Hatter feel.  It doesn’t hurt that the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time focused on the story of said character – a show I’ve “stopped” watching because of my fear of wolves, except I now just catch it online at work the following week.  I make no sense, I’m well aware, but I haven’t seen a wolf on there in a while.

Below are just a couple of shots I took walking back to my car.  Neither are fabulous, but it’s always a challenge for me not to find eudemonia while walking around the historic beauty of DTA (downtown Annapolis).

I hope you have a lovely day filled with things like tea, art, flowers, and old brick buildings.


100 years of cherry blossoms

One of my favorite things about having a blog is the research.  While I may ask tons of questions of myself about “why this?” and “why that?” in reality, I may only look up the answers to those questions about 50% of the time.  Here’s a great example, “What is the story behind DC’s cherry blossoms?” – and so, here’s the history.  Did you know this year we celebrate its 100th anniversary?  So cool!  It’s worth clicking the links; quick, interesting reads.

A friend and I managed to make it into DC and hang out for a bit, even with an impending storm.  I’m happy to stay we remained dry and am so glad we took that chance.  (Story and favorite three pics, here.)

I’ve found it’s easier (and takes up less space) to post a large group of pictures as a slideshow, with a small gallery below; I’m enjoying trying out new things on my blog.  In doing so, though, I’m not really able to comment on all the pictures, so I’ll mention some things here.  There are a lot of pictures framing the Washington Monument; I was experimenting.  Also, there’s a cat in a tree that looks a lot like my Oliver; it’s not him.  All of those shots remind me of the Cheshire cat from “Alice and Wonderland” – pretty cool.  Last, there are two pictures of a “flower cross,” something that is very fitting for the upcoming celebration of Easter.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I love little adventures like this; chancing the rain and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.



Naptown photo shoot

I had a fun visit with my photographer friend, Jen, last month as we walked around downtown Annapolis around sunset, snapped some pictures and sipped some coffee.  Can you believe I’ve known her since 6th grade?!? 

Since my momma is so nice, I was able to borrow her fancy schmancy camera for the day and I had so much fun playing around with the settings.  That being the case, I’m not being humble when I say these aren’t the greatest – there are two I’m quite fond of, though – but nonetheless it was a lovely (and cold!) day.

(an entrance to the Naval Academy)

(in the backgroud in pic above to the left is the Bay Bridge!)

(the above picture is my favorite!)

(what you can see – he’s skateboarding with laundry bag.  what you can’t see – he’s also talking on the phone.  Talk about talent!  I have a hard enough time walking and talking on the phone…)

(my favorite coffee shop – be sure to check out the Jamaican tea!)

(Annapolis without boat shoes is like Rudolph without a red nose.)

(this cracked me up!  it’s a dessert “tunnel of love” with a chocolate river; creepy little monkey with heart included.)

(Go Navy!  Beat Army!) (also, sorry for the glare.)

I decided that while I was still in possession of said camera that I would snap a couple of pictures of my sweet, furry love, Oliver. I love how his orange has so much red in it!

I’mmm back

Someone’s been a little M.I.A. recently … my apologies!

As if two jobs and a busy school schedule weren’t enough, add in difficulty in getting quality sleep and a dash of severe pain, and you’ve got the recipe I’ve been dealing with.

On the brighter side of things – I’m loving school!

I’m also my very own guinea pig, haha.  That’s sort of going well…  I’m currently trying 5-HTP for my sleep issues, via Maria Emmerich’s two health books (her blog).

Other good news:

– In speaking with my boss (the accountant), I found I can write off my tuition if it’s relevant to my current licensure, so… I’ll be a holistic esthetician by the end of 2012.  Gotta love direction!

– More direction:  I’m hoping to host a few gatherings with the youth group girls from my church to discuss skin health, make-up colors, eyebrow shaping, and our inner beauty through Christ.  I have a feeling this will be one of the most rewarding ventures of my life.

– Also, my organization project is going very well.  Slow, but well.  This is such a huge relief.  My goal is to be caught up by the end of 2012.

– Season 2 of Downton Abbey had such a lovely ending last night.  Roomie Wright and I were both “aww”-ing (and probably cheering) by the end.  I also enter this sweepstakes almost daily to visit the castles.

– Lastly, I’m planning a semi-regular gathering with some sweet girl friends to watch Dickens’ “Little Dorrit” mini-series and to craft (maybe attempt low carb baking, too).

Even with some needed down time, I’m so pleased with how the last two months have gone.

Now it’s time to break out my reading glasses and get back into studying, but I’m sincerely so happy to be back up and posting.

Hope you all are well!


This New Year’s Eve my attentions were consumed with my sick kitty, unfortunately.  Of course, I read something online that sent me into something that would parallel a panic attack.  Besides that I always get extremely attached to my pets, Oliver is also my first cat and there’s so much to learn.  Or, at least it feels like it, so it was a semi-stressful end to the year.

After determining that he was not in any pain, even with blood in his urine, he and I spent the start of the evening watching Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners (funny, as a friend and I were recently laughing about it).  Turns out it was a marathon and quite addicting.  (I think this rivals the response of watching Housewives for some.)  So addicting that my friend who stopped by to spend the evening with me watched it, and then one of my roommates and her bf also watched it, until 15 mins before the ball dropped.  Weird, uh? This is certainly not how I planned to bring in the new year, but add a little sangria and Trader Joe’s tiramisu and it was a nice, cozy way to spend the last hours of 2011 at home, and bring in 2012.

Dallas/Fort Worth area pics, part 1

Over the next several days (weeks) I’ll post a series of pics from my recent visit to Texas, and then onto more current things, like my camping trip last weekend. 🙂

Fort Worth skyline.


For the rest of the weekend, thanks to my dyslexia, it became known as the “prakes and larries” district.


grain elevator.

lots and lots of big power lines.

lots and lots of never ending road construction.

lots and lots of water towers.

and, lots and lots of trains!

(between two tracks)

old buildings

local library

with a book drive through.  it does get awfully hot down there.

a lane just for u-turns.  pretty smart idea!

i had forgotten all about sideways lights.  we have them in Mason, too.

clever.  “wreck-a-mended” (i took this one for my step-dad)

krav-maga.  mandi and i were sooo tempted, lol.

front lawn missing a pink flamingo, or two?  you can just throw one in the back of the pick-up while you’re pumping gas.

windy flag.

our famous trip to the “beer barn.” i seriously want to open one soon – fun business idea!

and, our visit w/ Mandi’s sweet niece, Lily.

part 2 coming in a few days.

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