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Here snake-y, snake-y.

Again, I wish I could draw.  This would be much more amusing if I could turn it into a comic.  Here’s more character interaction.


Husband:  (while attempting to fix an overflowing toilet)  “Honey!  Honeeyyy!”

Wife:  “Yes, dear.  Hands full, uh?” chuckling to self

H:  “Go out back and grab the snake for me, please?  I don’t want to track water through the house.”

W(thinking – snake?!?) “Um, sure.  Just out back, uh?”

H:  “Yep!  Look in the shed, and please hurry.”

W(quickly arming herself for battle – rain boots, pot as hat, and broom in one hand and butterfly net in the other – outside murmuring to herself)

“How in the world is a snake going to help the plumbing??  Is there a mouse down the drain?!?  I know I said ’til death do us part….” pauses in mid-stride “I should check to see if he recently took out a large insurance policy under my name!”

focusing back on task – “Here snake-y, snake-y.” *clap clap* “HEREE snake-y, snake-y!” *clap clap*

whispering, “PLEASSEE don’t come.”

Back inside, “I clapped and everything, but no snake.  Oh well.”  voice goes up a few octaves  “And, how did you think I was supposed to catch him anyways, mister?!?  Wrangling would have been more like it!  And, have you made any recent calls to our insurance agent??”

H:  “What?!?  Hey calm down, I don’t know what you – Ohhhhh….. Hahahaha!”

W: “Hey, what’s so funny?!?”

H:  “Hahaha!”

W:  “Stop it! Besides, you’re practically peeing yourself next to a non-functioning toilet.  There’s just something wrong with this picture.”

Hstill laughing.  “I’m sorry.  The tool, honey.  It’s a tool!  The tool is called a snake.”

W:  “Ohhhh!  Ok, well good luck with that.”  shrugs shoulders and leaves  to call a plumber, while husband is left to do what husband does best; break things.


In my head I had imagined a more modern episode of “I Love Lucy”  and I love how that humor still lives on.


character conversations, 1

There’s a good chance you’ll leave this post contemplating if I’m mentally unstable – please know I’m not.  I know the first sign is always that of delusion, and the above mentioned reassurance is coming from someone who’s a bit partial, but instead focus on the positive by considering the creativity behind it.

I walk around imaging what character in “my book” would say.  I’ve not really given any particular plot or specifics to characters.  I think really, I met people and then I turn them into characters.

Here and example of a conversation in said book.

Person 1:  “I think his dad is Japanese and his mother is Texan.”

Person 2:  “‘Texan’ is not an ethnicity.”

Person 1:  “That’s because you’re not from Texas.”

Person 2:  Shakes head and walks away.

The end.

As I think of more conversations I’ll post them.

I know a lot of people who imagine their lives as a movie, or a book in progress, so this really isn’t so far off.  If you have any quirky similarities, please feel free to share.

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