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Down on the Farm #2

Here are pictures from the weekend after her party.

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Down on the Farm #1

Here are pictures from the visit to my mom’s farm before Gracie’s birthday.

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Scottish Heather

Ever since I unexpectedly found my name in an edition of Webster’s dictionary as a child, I’ve naturally been taken with any country where the heather plant grows; Scotland, that is.  If you wish to see the hillsides in bloom, it seems August is the best time to go!  I’m also a fan of BBC news, as it seems less partial, while it also allows me to avoid any Lindsay Lohan nonsense; something that’s often difficult here in the States.  Anyhow… the two came together (scottish heather and bbc) while I perused through today during lunch.  I found the first picture below and decided to share, along with a few more of Scotland; BBC slideshow here.  There’s a bit of heather there, and I’m thoroughly impressed at how it can grow in such a rough terrain.

my goodness, the beauty is almost overwhelming!

by Damian Kane

I really do have such a soft spot for harbours.

by Craig Swan

by Bruce Carlyle

Night freckles!  I’m so jealous of this shot!

by Dave Tarvit

My love of plaid makes a little more sense now.  My love of gardening is genetic, but in honor of my name (I’m ridiculous, I know) I included a heather plant.  You might be able to make it out in this photo, or this one from prior posts.

For fun, here’s an article about a Heather and her whiskey.  Watch out you boys, it’s no longer only a man’s drink!

100 years of cherry blossoms

One of my favorite things about having a blog is the research.  While I may ask tons of questions of myself about “why this?” and “why that?” in reality, I may only look up the answers to those questions about 50% of the time.  Here’s a great example, “What is the story behind DC’s cherry blossoms?” – and so, here’s the history.  Did you know this year we celebrate its 100th anniversary?  So cool!  It’s worth clicking the links; quick, interesting reads.

A friend and I managed to make it into DC and hang out for a bit, even with an impending storm.  I’m happy to stay we remained dry and am so glad we took that chance.  (Story and favorite three pics, here.)

I’ve found it’s easier (and takes up less space) to post a large group of pictures as a slideshow, with a small gallery below; I’m enjoying trying out new things on my blog.  In doing so, though, I’m not really able to comment on all the pictures, so I’ll mention some things here.  There are a lot of pictures framing the Washington Monument; I was experimenting.  Also, there’s a cat in a tree that looks a lot like my Oliver; it’s not him.  All of those shots remind me of the Cheshire cat from “Alice and Wonderland” – pretty cool.  Last, there are two pictures of a “flower cross,” something that is very fitting for the upcoming celebration of Easter.



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I love little adventures like this; chancing the rain and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.



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