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Down on the Farm #2

Here are pictures from the weekend after her party.

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Goal progress and Seedling update

moving all my craft stuff into my hope chest.

I’ve not mentioned much about my progress on the goals I listed because… well, there really hasn’t been much to mention. This weekend I should be able to get a great portion of my organization project done. What a weight will be lifted once this is accomplished! I got a jump start on it tonight. Here are some pics, and of course I managed to sneak in some pics of my seedlings (day 26 – almost a month old, eek!).

another BEFORE picture.
Also, two filled file boxes of yarn in my closet – I need to get organized so I can get back into crochet and use it up!

Where it was previously housed.
Finally cleaning out the bottom of the “Narnia Closet”

Available space

filled it up, with room for a few more things.

another AFTER picture.
hope to use up some of what’s in here and move on to new projects, finally…
sewing machine fit, too – score!

The only things that didn’t fit.
If I don’t finish the book page wreath project by June 1st, it’s staying in that trash bag and going out to the curb.
Found a use for the baskets.

Seedlings, pineapple and aloe plant.

I had used the top of the hope chest for my seedlings as of last week, and here’s a peak at how they’re coming along.  Getting big!!

Pineapple plant.
This Oct it will be 2 years from harvesting a pineapple, so another should be on its way *very* soon!

It’s getting so big!


What kind of esthetician would I be without the above plant?!?

Will be planting these babies this weekend.

Melons, Lettuce, Herbs, and a few flowers.
Planting this weekend.

I’m so loving this grow-your-own-food thing!

I think next year I’ll add cucumbers and tomatoes to my deck garden.  Apparently, they’re easier plants and what most people start growing.  Not melons. Oops!  I also have some squash seeds that I hope to start in my greenhouse soon, so I may have them for Fall.

Do you have any recommendations on what to add to my garden?

Seedlings, Day 13

Here are pictures of the seedlings at Day 13 (Saturday).  I moved some into new containers.

I finished planting the cilantro and basil, but didn’t take a final picture.

Love watching them grow and change.  One of the melons looks like it’s about to flower – exciting!

Six days of seedlings

Here are a few pictures from this past week documenting the seedlings growth – it was so fast!  Can’t wait to plant them!

Day 2

you can start to see a few popping out

Day 3

starting to see more.

Day 4

I love observing the different growth rates.

Day 6

I’m going to need to figure out where to plant some of these soon 

I can’t wait to see the growth this week holds!

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