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I have a sick kitty, again 😦 and I’m reaching the end of tax season, so life is a bit chaotic – and emotional – now.  That being said, I’ll refrain from posting or replying for the next two weeks.  I’m sad because I have some fun pictures from the visit to my mom’s farm two weekends ago that I was so looking forward to sharing here, and a few more things, as well as communicating with new friends, but that can wait just a little bit longer.

Until then!


All better!

I’m happy to report that my sweet Oliver is all better – yay!

After he started moving around a bit on Friday, I decided to clean him up by giving him a bath that night.

holding him after his bath.

he looks like a big, soaked (adorable) rat.

as he wasn’t a fan of his bath, I think he’s plotting to kill me here.

Since he felt better enough to come out from under my bed Thursday night, I captured him and kept him in my bathroom.  If you saw this earlier post, then you already know that, though.

After I knew he was well, I let him out Saturday night to roam around my room.  Apparently what he missed most was sleeping on my his bed.

“I’m sorry about plotting to kill you; the water makes me unreasonable.  Will you let me out now, please?”

“Ahhh, I’ve missed my bed!”

so fresh and so clean, clean.

back to his old “pet me” self.

As he was feeling like his old self, he decided to give me hand by “helping” me make my bed.  It’s hard work being a wrinkle-chaser, so he had to rest a lot in-between changing sheets, but he does such a good job that I can’t complain.

Goodness, I love him!


The weight of water

After Oliver had started acting weird the night prior, I sobbed yesterday morning as I had to shake him to wake him up.  He was so weak, and wouldn’t eat or drink, nor use the bathroom; I thought for sure he was dying.  Those are all the tell-tale signs for a hamster, at least.  Come to find out that one of the smoke detectors had beeped all night indicating a low battery, and with cats having such sensitive ears, it took quite a toll on this old man of mine; my ears never even heard it. 

I’m happy to report he drank a quite a bit of water last night and this morning.  Still hasn’t eaten, but I’m hopeful for that to happen today.  He’s also not as weak, thus is moving around a lot more – almost like his old self!

I found this cute heart-shaped spot on his leg last night and thought it was sweet.

This was his set-up last night in my tub – just in case he was too weak to come in to use the litter box.  He jumped out almost immediately (the jumping part made my heart soar – that takes strength, especially as it’s a deep tub) and then I moved all what was in the tub to the floor of my bathroom and left him in there last night, as well as today while I’m at work.

Continually praying that added rest will completely heal him.

Oliver, in all his sweet glory

This weekend I attempted to get a really great picture of my cat, Oliver.  He’s clearly not camera-shy, but any attention from me is to pet him and not to capture his photograph.

He’s a bit sick today.  I’m hoping when I get home that he’ll be well rested and his normal playful self.  If not, then I’ll have to take him into the vets.  I’m worried, to say the least.  He actually, looked and behaved dead this morning, so silly me is constantly replaying that in my head.

In the spirit of hoping for many more brighter days, today seems like the perfect day to post said pictures.

ears back like this means he’s about to turn into a crazy kitty.

I was standing up taking pictures of him, so he jumped on the bed to get closer – such a ham!

“I’ve got your keys!  Now you have to put that stupid camera down and play with me.”

“For the love of tuna, pet me!!”

pretending to patiently wait for attention, while he eyes down my phone.  i think he’s threatening me!



Naptown photo shoot

I had a fun visit with my photographer friend, Jen, last month as we walked around downtown Annapolis around sunset, snapped some pictures and sipped some coffee.  Can you believe I’ve known her since 6th grade?!? 

Since my momma is so nice, I was able to borrow her fancy schmancy camera for the day and I had so much fun playing around with the settings.  That being the case, I’m not being humble when I say these aren’t the greatest – there are two I’m quite fond of, though – but nonetheless it was a lovely (and cold!) day.

(an entrance to the Naval Academy)

(in the backgroud in pic above to the left is the Bay Bridge!)

(the above picture is my favorite!)

(what you can see – he’s skateboarding with laundry bag.  what you can’t see – he’s also talking on the phone.  Talk about talent!  I have a hard enough time walking and talking on the phone…)

(my favorite coffee shop – be sure to check out the Jamaican tea!)

(Annapolis without boat shoes is like Rudolph without a red nose.)

(this cracked me up!  it’s a dessert “tunnel of love” with a chocolate river; creepy little monkey with heart included.)

(Go Navy!  Beat Army!) (also, sorry for the glare.)

I decided that while I was still in possession of said camera that I would snap a couple of pictures of my sweet, furry love, Oliver. I love how his orange has so much red in it!


This New Year’s Eve my attentions were consumed with my sick kitty, unfortunately.  Of course, I read something online that sent me into something that would parallel a panic attack.  Besides that I always get extremely attached to my pets, Oliver is also my first cat and there’s so much to learn.  Or, at least it feels like it, so it was a semi-stressful end to the year.

After determining that he was not in any pain, even with blood in his urine, he and I spent the start of the evening watching Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners (funny, as a friend and I were recently laughing about it).  Turns out it was a marathon and quite addicting.  (I think this rivals the response of watching Housewives for some.)  So addicting that my friend who stopped by to spend the evening with me watched it, and then one of my roommates and her bf also watched it, until 15 mins before the ball dropped.  Weird, uh? This is certainly not how I planned to bring in the new year, but add a little sangria and Trader Joe’s tiramisu and it was a nice, cozy way to spend the last hours of 2011 at home, and bring in 2012.

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