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They’re such funny things.  Like little goals with such pressure from the start.  In signing into my blog I came across this post about making and keeping those well-intentioned little sweet bits of almost certain doom.

I really agree with what he has written, especially ‘Define the win.’ however, I’ve come up with my own strategy this year, hence my ongoing goal list from the previous post (maybe this could be categorized under his ‘Make smaller goals along the way.’ for some of them).  Ongoing simply because there is too much I want to do – play a difficult piano piece, learn Spanish fluently, organize and discard the things I’ve had in boxes for years, finish a devotional before moving onto another one, return my library books on time, and the list goes on and on.  I find I do bits and pieces of them all only to accomplish very little.  In fact, it’s a bit stressful (and a little fun) as I flop between them all.  So while I have a very long list of goals hidden away with me, I’m addressing (and posting) the few I’ve decided to currently focus my time and energy on, and then as I accomplish them, I’ll expand the list.  Hoping this year I may have a better chance at achieving my resolutions instead of merely dabbling a bit in them all.

Do you have a strategy for this new year’s resolutions?

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