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Woodland tea creatures

“Combining art and the tea is a wonderful marriage, … It’s slightly educational, with a fun twist.” – Beverly Becker

A friend, who majored in ceramics and recently graduated, mentioned that some of her work was on display in the front window of a favorite local coffee spot.  Her description of the animals having tea cups, saucers, and the like for heads caught my attention.  I stopped by Sunday before heading to my mom’s and snapped a few pictures.

Well done, friend!

sorry for the reflection; poor shot on my part.

I see this display as owning a very earthy Mad Hatter feel.  It doesn’t hurt that the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time focused on the story of said character – a show I’ve “stopped” watching because of my fear of wolves, except I now just catch it online at work the following week.  I make no sense, I’m well aware, but I haven’t seen a wolf on there in a while.

Below are just a couple of shots I took walking back to my car.  Neither are fabulous, but it’s always a challenge for me not to find eudemonia while walking around the historic beauty of DTA (downtown Annapolis).

I hope you have a lovely day filled with things like tea, art, flowers, and old brick buildings.



Cuppa tea, anyone?

I did what might be the unthinkable to some people; I used a fancy schmancy tea cup as a planter.

Upon my great-grandmother’s death, most girls in my family were given a flowered tea cup from her collection.  I was given the lily of the valley tea cup, and after several years and a few moves, the delicate handle had broken off the cup.  I’ve never been quite sure how to use it ever since.  It’s mainly been on display either in my bathroom or on my desk, collecting all sorts of odds and ends.  That is until this past Friday night, when I turned it into something just as lovely as it’s intended purpose; it became a planter!

I’m very pleased, just in case you didn’t pick that up, and love the new addition to the couple of plants already occupying a portion of my desk.

Hope this inspires you to use special or every day items in a new way.

(these pictures were taken late that night.  sorry for the poor lighting.)

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