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s>o>w: City and Colour, Fragile Bird

Having totally forgotten about this song, I was happy to enjoy it once again on my trip home from work yesterday.  At the same time, I also happened upon quite a lively and song-filled bird; entirely adorable, and not so fragile.


s>o>w: Ben Folds, Gracie

This week’s song is in honor of my sweet niece’s birthday.  I was going to post “Poker Face” from Lady Gaga, as Gracie announced when she was two that it was her “favoritist” song – but the video is too weird.

So, here’s Ben Fold’s “Gracie”

This song fits so well with my brother (her dad) and she. Such a daddy’s girl!

s>o>w: Band of Horses, Evening Kitchen

My friend posted a similar video of this song on her blog and since I’ve come upon it, I’ve hummed it on-and-off most days.  It’s sad and sweet and strong.

I’m curious to know what you think.

s>o>w: Emy Reynolds, Tonight

Two years ago – maybe more, maybe less – I came across Emy Reynolds and fell head-over-heels for her voice; it was precisely what I was looking for at that time.  Folky, passionate, and has a uniqueness to it that can freshen a day filled with lame, yet catchy Pop songs.

The first video is her live, but as the quality is poor-ish, I’ll post two videos.

Below has much, much better quality!!


s>o>w: Cole Cash, Morning Philosophy

I’m a little out-of-order this week with having the week’s song come before the week’s word, but I think you’ll find yourself thanking me for the change-up.

Best song ever! 

It’s also very Fleet Fox-y!


s>o>w: Cole Cash, Good

These are two members from Cole Cash – my best friend’s band.  Thomas started this pet project years ago and I’ve so enjoyed watching the growth.  His song “Good” was played during Offertory.

Cole Cash Facebook page

Their song of the week:

s>o>w: Mount Moriah, Lament

I heard this band on NPR a little while ago and just fell in love.  It’s exactly what I had been looking to add to my potpourri-like music collection.  As Heather McEntire’s voice is eerily familiar to Dolly Parton’s, I had initially thought she’d taken up a new, more modern folk-like sound – I was wrong and pleasantly surprised.

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