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A moonshin’ disappointment

After watching a marathon of Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners on NYE, reading this article lead to quite the disapointment.

“Shaw said the show is a dramatization, and no illegal liquor is actually being produced.”

Bummer, I feel like I just wasted a few hours of my life, but at least it was in good company.



This New Year’s Eve my attentions were consumed with my sick kitty, unfortunately.  Of course, I read something online that sent me into something that would parallel a panic attack.  Besides that I always get extremely attached to my pets, Oliver is also my first cat and there’s so much to learn.  Or, at least it feels like it, so it was a semi-stressful end to the year.

After determining that he was not in any pain, even with blood in his urine, he and I spent the start of the evening watching Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners (funny, as a friend and I were recently laughing about it).  Turns out it was a marathon and quite addicting.  (I think this rivals the response of watching Housewives for some.)  So addicting that my friend who stopped by to spend the evening with me watched it, and then one of my roommates and her bf also watched it, until 15 mins before the ball dropped.  Weird, uh? This is certainly not how I planned to bring in the new year, but add a little sangria and Trader Joe’s tiramisu and it was a nice, cozy way to spend the last hours of 2011 at home, and bring in 2012.

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